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Autism Care, Inc. is an online autism resource company, located in Newton, Massachusetts. The Company creates comprehensive platforms and dedicated services for the autism community with the main purpose to provide families with easy access to critical information on the special needs experience and credentials of practitioners (doctors and therapists), caregivers, and schools.  The platforms will be used by families and service providers primarily on a subscription basis.

Our Vision

The Company will:

1) be the only online resource where families in the autism community can find the right Practitioners, Caregivers and Schools all in one place.

2) gain the leading position for the autism and special needs community in the world.


More specifically, at AutismCare, Our Mission is to

  • To give parents and families an innovative tool to build their own care team and their own care plan – all specifically tailored for the unique needs of their child and family – which will turn struggles into solutions.
  • To empower the autism community with a state-of-art online resource that comprehensively addresses the three greatest challenge families with autistic children are facing: healthcare, education and caregivers.

AutismCare helps the autism community (consumers) with an in-depth online resource that puts emphasis on the three greatest challenge areas families with autistic children are facing: health care, caregivers, and education.

We also create an exclusive platform for special needs practitioners, schools   and caregivers (service providers) that spectacularly increases the knowledge and information about your professional skills and expertise on specific areas within autism.

In the autism world — it’s an extremely difficult experience — parents’ daily lives are controlled by the child’s melt-downs, the cooking contest… preparing multiple meals hoping they will eat one, and night after night of sleep deprivation; however, with Autism Care, the families can finally make personalized, and proactive decisions for their lives.

Build a great and useful site such as needs everyone in the autism community to get involved, we request schools, practitioners, and caregivers to conduct surveys and help us create the first special needs database for the community.

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