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Hi, I am YanRong. Like millions of parents with autistic children, my heart has been wrenched and healed by “autism” many times. Especially in 2012. It was the most memorable year in my life.

My father passed away after struggling in the hospital for half a year. He suffered massive strokes and couldn’t talk and became incredibly forgetful (he did not recognize family members). This was one month after my second son was born. My parents had helped me out with Alex (my son with autism) and my newborn, Henry. Maybe my father was just unable to see me go through “hell” every day. Everyone has been through a lot in their life, but for an 82 year old man who had to see his 30-week pregnant daughter carry his grandson into the bathtub six times a day to wash him off, it was too much. At times, I actually blamed myself for my father’s death. But there was not enough resources out there to get proper treatments and care for Alex.

In 2013, after many days and nights of intense thinking, I came up with an idea to set up a national database for the autism and special needs community. This would offer families easy access to an exclusive provider database which provides critical information on the special needs experience and credentials of practitioners, caregivers, and schools.

Initially, I was working alone, and then more and more people joined in my journey. I’m confident that this will make life better for people in the autism community. And I also hope that every family who is dealing with ASD will find their own way to turn their challenge into an opportunity for improvement, just like I’ve tried to do. But beyond that, if you are also on this autism journey, we would like to invite you to be in our community and share your support and spread the word for us. By just clicking the Support” button on the top of this page, you are in. By clicking on Share”, you will spread the word for Autism Care. And I know with all my heart that you will be helping us make a big difference in the lives of millions of families struggling with autism.


-YanRong Pan

Autism Care Founder